FoodieBuddha 2008 Atlanta Restaurant of the Year: Sushi House Hayakawa – Chamblee, Atlanta, GA

I am not so brazen as to assume that my word carries with it the clout that a post from someone like Jennifer Zyman or Cliff Bostock carries.  That aside, I do feel comfortable enough to be an avid food talker.  Thus, I must have a restaurant of the year, right?  Indeed I do!  In addition, I’ve taken the time to identify some “honorable mentions”

Honorable Mentions:

La Pietra Cucina: LPC is the über awesome Italian eatery now open in Midtown. I have written a few reviews of this gem, and I will post an update soon.  The short of the long is that the food is fantastic; however, their minor inconsistencies, disjointed service, and small hick-ups prevented me from giving them top billing!  Outside of the chef’s father and a family member of mine, I cannot imagine that anyone has eaten there more than I have. Address: 1545 Peachtree St, Atlanta, GA 30309 // P: 404.888.8709

Tasty China: Can a Chinese restaurant recover from the departure of Chef Chang?  Absolutely!  Despite some early growing pans after Chang went splitsville, this Marietta gem is easily my favorite Chinese in the city! Address: 585 Franklin Rd SE, Marietta, GA 30067 // P: 770.419.9849

Dynamic Dish: Take my words to heart when I tell you that as a full fledged meat lover, this place is the bomb diggity! Though I stop short of meatatarianism, I do love my meat.  That said, I never have any trouble satisfying my cravings with a stop in at this vegan-friendly, vegetarian hot spot.  The atmosphere in this tucked away Edgewood restaurant is super relaxed.  The menu rotates daily and everything is super fresh. It helps that the staff is excellent! Now if they could only do something about those unusual hours.  Address: 427 Edgewood Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30312 // P: 404.688.4344 // Website

2008 Atlanta Restaurant of the Year: Sushi House Hayakawa

If you didn’t realize that I simply love this place when you read my first review (here), now you do! Ya’ll read it … right? Several meals here have left me upset that it is one heck of a hike for me. Nonetheless, now that he has left the controlled environment of MF Sushi, Atsushi Hayakawa has the freedom to create some really excellent dishes (uni/scallop sashimi & Giant Clam smoked in French sea salt come to mind). The kitchen dishes are not up to par yet; however, I cannot let that take away from what is truly excellent sushi.

Address: 5979 Buford Hwy NE, Atlanta, GA 30340 // P: 770.986.0010 // Website // Menu

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