Atlanta Pizza Days Rolls On

For the past few weeks, Jimmy over at has been giving up his health and his cash in the name of public service.  Jimmy has been touring various Atlanta pizza joints like there is no tomorrow; that can’t be good for his health.   As I write this, he has added six reviews to his Atlanta Pizza Days series.  All of them are in depth, include some great pictures, and provide a breakdown of each pizza joint (sauce, cheese, crust, etc…).

He has yet to visit Rosa’s, my current favorite, so I will be curious to hear his take.  Will he man up to try the Carnivore challenge up at Big Pie In The Sky (internal)?  Most mortals need to forgo food for a few days to even have a remote chance of downing a 1/4 of that pizza.  Adding in that 30-inch gigantor to the rotation would basically double the amount of pizza he has consumed for this tour.  Yikes!!!

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