[Probably] Taking A Day Off

Sorry for the lack of content today.  I spent the first portion of my day dealing with my 9-5, the middle portion grocery shopping, and the later part of the day tasting at an upcoming restaurant.  I finally rolled in the door at 8 tonight and have been preparing my white bean clam chili for tomorrow’s Ellijay chili cook-off.

Don’t get too excited … it’s just a little thing one of my “crews” is doing.  As you might expect, there is only a slim chance you’ll hear from me before Sunday night.  Hopefully, I won’t lose too many readers by then!

I *might* rear my head Saturday … but don’t count on it.  I’ll probably be two sheets to the wind by 11 and knee deep in chili shortly thereafter.  Oh yeah – no internet and no TV … so unless I want to whip out my data card – it ain’t happening.  Cheers ladies and germs – see ya’ll on the flip side!

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