Quick Hits: The Shed at Glenwood Restaurant Review– East Atlanta, Atlanta, GA

So the past few weeks have been very busy for me.  I’ve finally finished all the planning for the Atlanta Sub & Sandwich Tour (details tomorrow), and work is *almost* back under control.  As luck would have it, I’ve still been eating my meals and taking notes.  I thought this would be a good time to share some thoughts on three Atlanta destination restaurants, all of which I visited in the past two weeks.  Let’s start with the Shed at Glenwood.  I’ll share my thoughts on the other two spots over the next couple of days.

The Shed gets a LOT of love from people in and around the city.  I’ve eaten there twice since Lance Gummere took the helm; it is unlikely I will return for a third visit.  The only reason I may consider a return would be to satisfy my visit requirement in order to do a full review and deliver a fairly harsh rating.

The bottom line: this place is an overpriced failure in almost every aspect.  While the decor is clean and cool, and the service is suitable, the food is a downright abomination.  My first meal from Gummere was sub-par; this past meal was simply barfalicious.  The oyster sampler was the only acceptable part of the meal, and even that had problems.  The offering of Blue Pointe, Kumamoto, & Malpec was appropriately fresh, but uninspiring and poorly shucked.

Our other appetizer, the steak tartar, was ick-tastic.  The tartar was so salty and had such an excessive amount of acids (mustards) that it bordered on inedible.  The one saving grace could have been the two varietals of homemade potato slices (sweet and standard), but they got salt happy with this as well.

The steak frite was a disaster that I may elaborate on later, but for now I’ll focus on the Georgia Trout.  The pan seared fish was lumped over a completely bland service of mashed taters.  Admittedly, the fish was cooked properly but completely bland, sans consideration for the stale flavor.  The “sauce” was the real problem.  Black truffles, capers, and eggs came together in such a manner that my dinner buddy let out a cacophony subdued sequels.  I think it was the best she could do so as to not offend the other patrons (and there were only a couple) as well as the staff.

The egg was simply hardboiled, sliced, and dumped on top with the aforementioned partners.  It was visually off putting.  Menu references to a sauce were left unfulfilled.

I could continue…but the short of the long is that my friend lost her cookies (yes… literally).  I found the meal to be weak at its best and I really don’t want to waste more time pontificating about such a bad series of experiences.  This meal was decidedly worse than my previous visit; that said, even at it’s best … the SHED seems to be lost.

Four drinks, two apps, and two main dishes: $110 before tip!

The SHED at Glenwood
475 Bill Kennedy Way Atlanta, GA 30316 // P: (404) 835-4363 // The SHED Reservations // The SHED Website // The SHED Menu
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