Today Is Pancake Day: Free Pancakes At IHOP

To my surprise, Pancake Day is actually a religious holiday.  I tend to think of things like this in non-secular terms, so I hope no cause-heads do anything to spoil my love of the day.  Regardless of your religious affiliation … I think we can agree that free food is a good thing.  Free pancakes is even better.  Thus, you should head over to your nearest International House of Pancakes between 7am and 10am for some free pancakes on Pancake Day! [Warning: As of this post – that website is getting hammered]

Every customer is entitled to a free short stack (a.k.a three) of buttermilk pancakes!  While you are not required to donate to any charity, IHOP wouldn’t mind if you threw some change at the Children’s Miracle Network.

I took liberty of providing you with the following map.  It shows all the various IHOPs around town:

View Larger Map

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