SF Pizzeria Takes The Fight To Yelp!


Love it or hate it, Yelp! is a pretty notable website.  I find myself somewhere in the middle.  I like putting up content over there but I’m not wholly involved in the social aspects of the site.  I also don’t trust everything I read over there (more in a sec). 

The community manager for Atlanta seems like a dedicated and honest gal; I’ve never met her in person but I have chatted with her via the site a handful of times.  No complaints there.  I think the “Elite” thing is a joke … but whatevs.

Anyway, the site has gotten a lot of bad press recently.  Not only are they dealing with pay-for-post problems, but there is a growing sense that the majority of the sites reviews leave a lot to be desired.

So as a result, Pizzeria Delfina’s in San Fran started putting some of the more ridiculous reviews on their t-shirts!  It’s a pretty schaweet way to show some of the inherent problems with Yelp.

My personal take on Yelp: it’s a cool site with some excellent content and a good number of really friendly people (though I’ve never met anyone in person).  However, passers bye should be careful as a lot of the reviews are totally lame and some of the people are a bit…well … overzealous in their yelpdom (for lack of a better term).

[From 7×7 via Consumerist]

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