Epicurious Becomes The Next Slave To Apple [And I Still Hate The iPhone]

You can now get Epicurious on your iPhone, that little gadget that seems to do everything but provide good call quality.  Actually, this is pretty much awesome!  Relying on sources like gourmet.com and bon appetit, you can find many many thousands of recipes on this bad boy.  Heck, the entire Gourmet Cookbook is available!  Supperlicious!

The real cool thing is that this sucker is actually usable.  You can take the recipe and turn it into a shopping list.  I just spent a few minutes playing with the app and think it is not half bad.  There is some room for improvement; but, given that this is free, I can’t complain.  Download it here: Epicurious for iPhone

[via too many sources]

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