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Part gastro pub, more neighborhood hangout, Cypress Street Pint & Plate has become a popular chill out zone in Midtown, Atlanta.  As the term gastro pub has become completely overused, Cypress Street is really just a bar with a slightly elevated menu.  In that thinking, some come for the food, some come for the brew, and many come for the atmosphere.  Regardless of why you visit, this joint has gotten a lot of love (here and here) in their year-and-a-half of business.  In my world, I find this place more than agreeable, but lacking any true elevating quality.

Despite their location (6th street & Cypress b/w W. Peachtree and Peachtree), Cypress St. P&P seems relatively insulated from the nearby city bustle.  That’s a big reason why the vibe here is as comfortable as it is.  Meanwhile, I guess now is as good a time as any to mention that  parking here can be a pain in the arse.  Street spots are in short order and I’m not sure if they validate for the parking garage.  I don’t have any great tips on how to find a spot, I park at a friends and walk (yes – even I have them, as disturbing as that may seem to many).

It seems that people universally love the decor here.  I’m fond of it, nothing more and nothing less.  The interior is intimate while the exterior is expansive.  Heavy on the wood and brick, the color palate is dark yet soft.  Inside, you’ll find a few tables, some booths, and plenty of bar seating.  While you’re there, take a peek at the taps (a surprise I’ll leave for you to discover on your own).  Outside, there is a fire pit for when it’s cold and a handful of fans for when it is warm.  There are also some bar board games and plenty of room.  I’ve seen a couple of musical acts setup shop on that patio.

Much like the decor, people laud the service.  Me … not so much.  When service is on, it’s pretty solid.  Unfortunately, I’ve been witness to several faux pas and snafu’s.  If pressed, I’d classify the service as friendly but somewhat lacking in proficiency.  Only if you have a show to catch should that really be an issue.

The atmosphere established by the look and feel of the joint, combined with the attitude of the employees, lends itself well to the crowd.  As a destination spot for many a Yelper, a fact which may drive you away as much as anything, those that show up help make this an easy place for a visit.  While I don’t see a lot of co-mingling (sorry all you singles looking for the pick up), everyone seems pretty much come as you are.  Sure, exceptions exist, but we don’t really have time for them … do we?  During peak hours, you’re likely to find at least a handful of people outside playing a board game or two.  As that goes, seating may be in short order.  Ultimately, the combination of the decor, the atmosphere, and the attitudes of those who sling drinks here make the vibe here a real success. 

Eventually, one must consider the food.  The reality is that the term gastro pub has no place here and most people seem to get that when they chat up Cypress St.  Still, those few ill-informed folks aren’t completely off base.  The menu isn’t chef driven, and the ingredients are all fairly standard; however, small touches and decent quality ingredients make this a better food stop than say Manuel’s Tavern.  I sort of view it as a mix of Moe’s & Joe’s and George’s with more polish.

I’ve found the most acceptable things on the menu to be those that don’t experiment and are easy to execute.  Since their menu isn’t online, if you are looking for pub food, you can view most any menu in town and see the same things there that you do here.

The burgers don’t jive me.  The meat mix doesn’t elicit any reaction other than ho-hum and the cooking temperature is rarely as requested (though usually in the ballpark).  The hot dogs are pretty good, as are the chicken fingers and the BLT sandwich.  That’s not really saying a great deal as  anyone (cooking degree or not) can deliver in that department.  I’ve found the sliders (particularly the meatball sliders), to be pretty unsuccessful and too expensive.  At three for $9.00, I want something to push me – these don’t.  I suppose I would be remise if I didn’t mention a relatively new addition to the menu.  Lot’s of people are talking up the Sublime burger.  This, as you may have inferred, is a burger patty slammed between two donuts from Atlanta’s favorite doughnut shop.  Though I’m not scared off by the premise, I don’t see any real reason to try it – so if anyone has some feedback, comment away!!!

Before I’m done with the food, I should mention that I find things like the fries and rings to be unmemorable, the nachos, backed by canned chili,  to be forgettable, and the wings to be run of the mill.

Prices are actually in line and reasonable.  A recent meal there left me underwhelmed by the size of the aforementioned nachos ($8.50) and the number of chicken fingers (3), but more often than not – items that you order are appropriately priced.  I wish I could tell you to check out the menu for yourself.  As of this writing, they ask that you call the restaurant for their latest menu.  WHAT???? That’s got to be one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen from a restaurant website.

As I’ve said many times over, I’m as far from a brew-head as one can be.  It seems that Cypress offers a decent selection here.  I’ve never seen anyone I’m with have a hard time finding something to quench their thirst and they are usually comfortable with the cost of their brew.  Although I’ve heard that nothing here is destination worthy, keep that assessment at arms-length.

So the food is passable, and things like the expansive patio, with complimentary fire pit, are an an obvious draw.  As ‘hood pubs go, this place does a pretty good job of succeeding.  The atmosphere here almost does enough to pull the overall up to a two, but not quite.

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817 W. Peachtree Suite E-125, Atlanta, GA, 30308 // 404.815.8243 // Cypress Street Website // Cypress Street Menu
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