Say It With Me … Bulgolgi a.k.a Korean Beef

bulgolgi Bulgolgi has long been a staple of my diet.  Ever since college, when I made weekly visits to the Korean spot just across the street from my pad, I’ve had a soft spot for Korean food.  I was actually introduced to Bulgolgi over at a friends house and ever since then, I’ve been trying every version I can get my hands on.

Luckily, Eat Drink Man has thrown his hat into the ring.  He just posted an excellent recipe for Bulgolgi over on his blog.  In addition, he took the time to give you some details about the dish as well as some insider tips on what to do when preparing this meaty goodness.  When you are done perusing that recipe, check out his Flickr feed as he takes excellent pictures

(photo via Flickr courtesy of LarimdaMe)

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