The World Keeps Getting Smaller: The Quick And Dirty Dirty


While I’m obviously not their target market (aka – I’m a dude), I’ve had in my reader since July.  Run by a duet of ladies (one part Lauren, one part Lindsay), the majority of the content over there is geared towards the better half.  However, the girls have been going a little foodie on us, and for that they get a follow (here and here) and a mention.

In a move that has seriously scared the crap out of me – turns out one of them popped up in my suggested friends thingy on Facebook the other night.  As I knock back my latest vodka, I’m trying to get a grip on how one of them knows three people that I know … one of whom isn’t from Atlanta and one of them who is significantly out of my age bracket.  Meanwhile, I am positive that not a single one of the trio knows one of the others.

Back on point, the girls write with a happy go lucky candor as they cavort around the city.  It’s a fairly personal journal of sorts and they hit on a lot of topics.  Whether that is a good thing or a bad thing is ultimately up to the you.  I say give them a read.

Back to my booze and my football, Buddha … out!

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