Hi Bento Box, Meet Where The Wild Things Are [Laugh Of The Day]

I love bentō boxes.  They are just cool on so many levels.  And what better way to promote your love of all things bentō by mixing bentō art with Where The Wild Things Are, that upcoming film from cinemalista bad ass Spike Jonze.  Puttering around on the internet today, I decided to visit Anna The Red, one of my favorite off-beat food blogs.  Anna, who is all about bentō art, hasn’t been as prolific with her content in the past few months as she was initially, but that doesn’t mean she’s any less poignant.

Bentō, which is a single-portion meal usually designed for travel, is very popular in Japanese cuisine.  Not surprising, we have turned a traditional element of Japanese culture into a pop-obsession.  With that, enjoy these samplings, and then head over to Anna’s blog for some more goodies.  You can also get a full fledged attack of bentō art on her flickr feed.

Bento #65: Where the Wild Things Are 

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