Piedmont Dining: Hospital Food Is The Next Foodie Rage

piedmont We all look for the next big thing.  Be it cupcakes, be it burgers, be it pizza … it’s all good in our world.  We also look for the next big place … there was H&F, there was Flip, now there is Antico.  Well, get ready ladies and gentleman … we have a new entrant onto this list of what’s hot in the A.  Look no further than the one and only Piedmont Hospital and their Piedmont Dining service.

Entrance into this culinary cavern is hard.  To get in, I suggest employing a rubber hammer, walking into a door, or getting a hold of some other utensil that will do just enough damage to put you down, but not out.  Seating is also hard to come by.  Most of the spots comes in the form of soft, horizontally laid out resting jobs.  I think the technical term for them is “bed.”  Many rooms are tabled for two; however, you also have private dining halls all to yourself.  Particularly generous guests might extend an invitation to this club … and if that’s the case, you can squeeze in a couple of seating apparatus’ complete with four legs and a back.  Naturally, your guest can order to their hearts delight.

While edible goodness isn’t available 24-hours, you can get your fix in anytime between 6a-10p and without having to lift more than a finger!  Ordering isn’t more than a phone call away, and your food is delivered to you by a well dressed server, complete with a smile, and a friendly “Hi, how are you doing today?”

It gets better… can you think of any other restaurant that will tailor the menu to your needs? I think not.  Consequently, you get a menu full of options that may interest you.  Particular highlights included the grits, which came out creamy and full of flavor (Seriously people –these would satisfy anyone visiting a breakfast joint!).  Chicken? You want chicken? Well, sorry – but no rubber renditions here.  The char-grilled Southwestern fowl will transport you to the farthest reaches of the Mojave.  Entrée salads (including Island Caribbean Chicken), and a full bevy of grilled items (burgers of any sort), and deli sandwiches are all also available make you yearn for a hospital gown all your own (aerated in the back for his and her pleasure).

In my week long dining foray, it was nice to get a touch of class available to all the guests of this classy restaurant.  I sure hope you don’t have to visit, but if you do – rest assured that the food will be the least of your worries.  Cheers ya’ll!

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