Maras Dondurmasi (Turkish Ice Cream) Is The Coolest [Laugh Of The Day]

Dondurma is the word used for ice cream in Turkey.  Turkish ice cream is made with goats milk and salep (orchid flour).  The resulting product is extremely thick (as a consequence of the salep), fairly chewy, and reminiscent of taffy.  My first experience with it was at the Boston Turkish Festival (website) a few years back.

Maras Dondurmasi is a regional specific variation that is super duper thick … and often requires a fork and knife to eat.  Anywho, it is a particularly popular variation for street vendors and at festivals.  As a result of the thickness, serving it has become somewhat of an art form that might remind you of vaudevillian times.

Anywho, in my usual internet stumblings, I came across a slew of videos showing these street magicians serving up the delicious treat.  Here’s my favorite one:

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