10-Year-Old Rocks The Top Chef Trash Talk: Grace Is My Fav! [Laugh Of The Day]

Little could pull me away from my television on this day of “Win and You’re In.”  However, 10-year-old Grace … who rocks it with her parents in Morningside, did just that.  Apparently, the young fan of Top Chef took a trip to Woodfire Grill this past evening.  Ya’ll know that’s where Kevin Gillespie hides out and cooks up hella killer food.  Anywho (I love that non-word), after enjoyed her tasting menu meal, the young foodie in the making presented chef Gillespie with a little treat.

To show her support for ATLs last man standing … she put together one hell of a collage, complete with a fantastic little poem that basically says: SUCK IT VOLTAGGIOS, but in super nice and cute terms.  ENJOY!  Grace, if you’re out there … please contact me!! (for serious!!!)


[via facebook]

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