The Prodigal Son Returns …


So ya’ll are probably wondering where I’ve been all day.  Well, intentions to post my next diatribe were summarily squashed about 3-hours ago when a certain gentleman danced across my horizon (literally – he did a jig).  Ladies and gents, Hardy is back … but for a limited time only.  Yes, I’m sad to say that I’m pretty sure we’ve lost this crown jewel (but don’t say I didn’t warn you).  In any event, he’s back and he’s bad!

We spent the last few hours chatting each other up … and it’s just the type of conversation that gets you all warm and fuzzy.  The dude is the tits, end of discussion.  Remember to give him a follow as he cavorts around Cali.  If you’re a man (or lady) around town, don’t be surprised if you see him at a hot spot near you.  Back to the 9-5, until tomorrow when I’ll pontificate some more ramblings.

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