Las Vegas And New York City Dominate Top Grossing Restaurants List; Atlanta Hides In The Back


Restaurants & Institutions (R&I) is one of those boutique mags that you’d go your entire life and never know existed.  Still, it’s got a well known following amongst industry folk.  Further to the point, they put out a handful of useful articles and reports in most every issue.

One such report is their yearly review of the Top 100 independent restaurants (in terms of gross revenue).  It’s a pretty interesting list; however, those of you here in the ATL will definitely notice the lack of representation from the Capital of the South.  The list itself is dominated by Las Vegas and New York City institutions. While Tao Las Vegas holds strong at #1 with roughly $65.5 million in sales,  Atlanta’s lone representative is the Chops/Lobster Bar.  With an impressive $13.5 million gross, I’d say that easily makes them the crown jewel of the Buckhead Life group.

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