Good Tony … Bad Tony? No Reservations Season 6 Kicks Off

No Reservations

I have a soft spot for any television show that comes with an amended warning label.  Moreover, if the show happens to espouse the intrinsic benefits of glutonistic hedonism, I’d say that show is a dream come true.  Such is the case with No Reservations, that Travel channel icon of television programs.  Hosted by none other than the heavily inked Tony Bourdain, No Reservations allows the viewer at least 60-minutes of food porn at its best.

If forced to explain the show, I can only say that it has a distinct personality and cadence.  Consider it GI Joe meets Julia Child. After all, you’re as likely to find Tony unloading a M60A into some poor defensless target as you are to find him consuming some large and in charge salsa verde enchillada (one such episode found him doing both inside of 10-minutes).

The new season starts in Panama and ends with you simply craving more.  While Tony himself doesn’t ever seem to get burried in the kitchen, he’s constantly being bitch slapped by some unusual animal part splashed with some hellishly intense spice.  His language is crass, his vernacular is spectacular, and the entertainment level is high.  Get on this and get on it now.

For full details, check out the No Reservations homepage.  Back with more after my travels wind down.

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