Atlanta Bloggers Descend On LeVigne Restaurant At Montaluce Winery

This past weekend, I was coaxed out of my slumber for a day of debauchery.  Actually, that’s a bit of an overstatement.  The reality is that I (@foodiebuddha) was invited to a little foodie event (The Wine Conclave) at Montaluce Winery and then followed that up with a night cap of Preppy.  Unfortunately, no acts of a lascivious nature occurred.

As I said, the event was hosted at LeVigne Restaurant on the Montaluce Winery estate.  The event was put together by the guys at Montaluce (@vineyards) and lunch was prepared by Steven Hartman.  you can find Hartman over on twitter @Hogballs.

It was a gratis event, so I’m not really in a position to give any feedback; however, I did want to point ya’ll to some of my fellow folk who took the time to document their stay at one of North Georgia’s youngest wineries.  All the juicy deets after the jump


Photo dude extraordinaire Broderick Smylie got all pretty on his Savory Exposure blog [@savoryexposure].  You can check out the rest of the eye candy for yourself!



Meanwhile, Brad Kaplan, who moonlights as the Biskuit, got snappy as well.  He doesn’t actually have a blog … so god only knows why he was invited [ZING ;-)], but you can catch all of his awesome imagery via his flickr feed.  He also waxes foodetic over on twitter via @biskuitATL.



Kevin Glowacki [@AtlantaWineGuy] decided to get a little textual.  In addition to covering some of the superlative activities, Kevin put together a nice write up and dove into the food and wine pairings from lunch.


Maison Marcel [@atl10trader] put together a really cool animoto vid on his post.


SubUrbanWino decided to get all YouTube-tastic …


Last but not least …

Celia Dominic, a wino who does her thang under the name Random Oenophile, did a two part series on the Conclave.  These two bits will keep you busy for some time, she really went nose to tail on the details. Her first post is a coverage piece on the days events.  A few days later, she followed up with a detailed analysis of the wine.


You can find a few more of the attendees on twitter: @hoplessfoodie, @winetonite, @frenchtart, @atl10trader, @eatitatlanta, @blacktiebbq, @chowdownatl, @eatbuhi, @toddjwalker

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