Slice Pizza Blog Talks Frozen Pizza, Misses The Mark Entirely [Frozen Pizza Wars]

4585cbe7348526e2b311c3d8c71181c8 In a tragic move of epic journalistic failure, Slice, the ever popular pizza blog from the gang at Serious Eats, just undermined their years of good work in one fell swoop.  In an attempt to unlock the Rubik’s cube that is frozen pizza, one of their bloggers posted the results of a frozen pizza taste test.

Shamefully, the competition was limited to DiGiorno, Red Baron, Freschetta PizzAmore, Tombstone, and the Whole Foods house brand.  What a crock … there is just no way to talk frozen discs of goodness unless you mention Totino’s … it’s ridiculously cheap, amazing delicious, and just the best damn frozen product on earth.

To make my ire known to others, I have penned this post and shamed serious eats on their blog!  Rise up and join me!  Viva La Frozen Pizza Revolution!

(image via now public)

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