Man V. Food Super Bowl Show Goes Live [TV Shows]


While the Food Network seems the likely destination for all the best food TV shows, that heavy weight belt might actually go to The Travel Channel.  In addition to Tony’s food porn-erific No Reservations, TC is home to Man v. Food, Adam Richman’s tribute to all things gluttonous.  The competitive eating show lands in Miami tonight, February 3rd, for a 2-hour special that starts at 9pm EST.

Included in the festivities is a live broadcast of Richman trying to take down a 48 oz. steak from none other than Don Shula’s eponymous Shula’s Steakhouse.  As the Super Bowl hits Miami on the 7th, it’s no surprise that Man V Food decided to incorporate grub from the restaurant of the only man to ever lead an NFL team to a undefeated season through their super bowl (my Pats were still better yo!).

For the past few weeks, Travel-C has been bringing the media blitz.  Like the slave to trends that I am, I’ll ride that wave and grab you a copy of the gratuitously bikini clad Nori … who has 3-minutes to down three milkshakes in Babe v Food.  If you want more Adam, be sure to check out 411 Mania’s interview with the dude.

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