Souper Jenny And The Incredible Flying Soup Mobile [Food Trucks]

Souper Jenny, aka Jenny Levison, has a pension for good food and cute names.  Enter her newest endeavor: The Incredible Flying Soup Mobile:

the incredible flying soup mobile

That little red power pack has been spotted outside Souper Jenny for a few days now, but that pic comes straight from Jenny herself.

Food Trucks have come up a few times around these parts.  We all know they are a hit outside the ATL, but due to some red tape (and a few other issues), Atlanta really hasn’t gotten in on the trend.  Things are definitely changing.

While The Green Van is still ramping up, Levison is just about ready to throw herself into the phenomena first hand.  There are just a few minor details to be ironed out, but it looks like this baby is ready to roll.  I’ll stay on top of this, but you might be able to glean information for yourself if you follow her on twitter or check in on the SJ website.  As she won’t be cooking on the truck itself, we’ll have to wait for more information on exactly what you’ll find in that Radio Flyer on steroids!

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