Peter Chang Returns To Atlanta, Pit Stop At Tasty China

Peter Chang is easily the most talked about Chinese chef over the past few years to plant a flag in Atlanta.  His work is a thing of legend and is the single biggest reason Tasty China caught the attention of so many Chinese food fanatics (myself included).  According to Tom Maicon of Atlanta Cuisine, Chang is back with a vengeance.

After departing our fare city for Nashville, and after a short stay in West [Note To Self: Richmond is not in West Virginia] Virginia (from what I hear), Maicon has confirmed that Chang is back in the Dirty South.  In the short term, PC is setting up shop at TC.  However,  Tasty China owner Dahe Yang plans to open a new restaurant with Chang somewhere in Sandy Springs.


And while we’re at it … everything is better with Rowdy:

Tasty China Restaurant Address & Information
585 Franklin Rd SE, Marietta, GA 30067 // 770.419.9849 // Tasty China website // Tasty China menu

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