Muffin Sudbery & The Sexy Popsicle Girls Descend On The Food Truck Extravaganza [Food Trucks]

crowd shot! DUCK! by foodiebuddha.

Last Thursday, foodies, lawyers, socialites, and professional lame wads came out in full force for the Food Truck Extravaganza in the Souper Jenny parking lot.  Even with a who’s who of ATL, the most important guests were most definitely Muffin Sudbery & The Sexy Popsicle girls.  Armed with fistfuls of cash, a feverous need for grub, and a seemingly endless amount of stomach space, these four women took to the festival like Al Bundy takes to a Hondo marathon.

Thankfully, the ladies were nice enough to bring me a stash of pictures and a handful of samples to check out.  While recapping an event you can’t attend in the future may make you feel teased and taunted, fear not … all of this food is available with a little bit of patience and good detective work.

There’s a whole movement going around Atlanta’s food scene.  It’s seeped into our echo system like a water-born toxin … only this one is marked by goodness and gluttony.  I’m talking about the street food movement that is sweeping the nation.  On the heels of the push to get things going in the ATL, a group of food slinging artistas banded together to get you and me all uppity.  Let’s discuss:

 muffin sudbery by foodiebuddha. cajun chicken egg rolls from the Pickle by foodiebuddha.

That would be Muffin titillating and teasing with some Cajun chicken egg rolls courtesy of The Pickle Mobile Catering ($6).

lines, lines, everywhere there are lines by foodiebuddha.

See that dude scampering away?  He just scored himself a fresh lobster roll ($10) courtesy of Jenny Levison’s Incredible Flying Soup Mobile.  The bread was provided by local baker … the Grateful Bread Company.  Wish I had a better picture … but someone failed me in that department!

king of pops all over by foodiebuddha.

In the middle of this all was a little popsicle man … he’s kicking ass, taking names, and doing his best to stuff Spark Plug with delicious treats.  It was a seriously impressive venture and I’m pretty sure the blurry picture of the lobster roll was on account of her being unable to sit still on her way to grab a handful!  She had at least one of all of these (10 total):

the king of pops - the didn't last long by foodiebuddha.

Had enough yet? Nope, sorry – there’s more.

bags o taco by foodiebuddha the lamb taco by foodiebuddha taqueria del sol cheeseburger taco by foodiebuddha

Those would be tacos … they would be from Taqueria Del Sol … they were bum rushed from the beginning … by people like this:

can you spot the top chef? by foodiebuddha.

You know who he is … right?

The Green Van was there, sans van … and I have neither food nor photo at hand … and that makes me Sad Buddha.

Luckily though – these guys were there:

black tie barbecue - get your black tie ready! by foodiebuddha.

Filled with grilled corn and skewered chicken – I should have something to show for it – but I don’t … but he does!  Oh wait … he doesn’t have pictures of Black Tie either … GRRR!!!

Then, just as I’m ready for my wheelchair … I got hit with these:

a tamarind cone - courtesy of the good food truck by foodiebuddha.

Clearly, the Good Food Truck was all up in creativity cove … toying with flavors like a mad scientist.  The results … that cone and this odd little sucker:

Got that? Nope … well here it is again:

the poodle dog from the good truck by foodiebuddha.

That my dear friends, is the Poodle … yes … it’s a hot dog, it’s named after your best friend … and it’s one of the strangest things I’ve ever had.  It’s the kind of thing you put in your mouth and you think is good … but you’re not entirely sure why.  In fact, it’s one of those things that you start thinking about as you begin to eat it.  By the time you really figure out what it is you’re doing … it’s gone!  It’s an all beef frank laid in a bun that has been turned into FRENCH FREAKING TOAST.  Then, there’s apple maple slaw … am I seriously eating this?  Okay, so I’ve added lots of spicy mustard and a good bit of syrup … and well … that was easily the most disturbing thing I’ve eaten in some time … I kinda wanna roll around in it … but Live to Feast did it for me!

Meanwhile, they were scooping and serving parmesan waffle cones with lentils and rice (lemon basil ricotta on top) and spicy tamarind cones with island black beans, rice, and MANGO SOUR CREAM!!!!  What the hell man?  Dear Ms. Jessamine Starr … how exactly did you come up with these delicious things?

So that’s about it … oh wait … there’s this killer vid too … watch it:

You can take a peek at all the picturas on flickr.

Then you can visit the venders websites:

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