Free Burger At Whataburger! Celebrate 60-Years In Style

60 years proud 1950-2010

Despite the tragic end to the World Cup just a handful of weeks back, it looks like I have another reason to break out my beloved Oranje jersey before 2014.  It turns out that Whataburger, another one of those boutique burger chains, is handing out free burgers.  On August 3rd 2010, if you walk in to any Whataburger in the fast food nation, you get a free burger.  Ah … but there’s a catch.  You see, you have to show up between 5-8pm and you have to wear a piece of Dutch soccer paraphernalia.

Okay, I fibbed a little, you don’t actually have to wear something Dutch … just something orange.  The event is a celebration of the franchise’s 60th year in biz.  Those of us in the ATL can get in on the action if our heart and our gas tank so desires.  With locations in Thomasville and near Savannah (x2), it looks like South Georgia is your best bet if you’re hell bent on staying inside state lines.  If you don’t mind handing your tax dollars to another state, Birmingham is actually your best bet to snag one of these (mappage).

[photo via whataburger website]

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