Empire State South Going Live In August? [Openings]

chef hugh atchesonSo yeah, this is a little like beating a dead horse, but here’s the latest on Empire State South, Hugh Acheson’s much discussed Atlanta endeavor.

After multiple delays, the Midtown restaurant is now scheduled for late August.  This is stated on their website … but last time they did that, you know how that ended up. Frankly, I’m a little worn out on restaurants putting an opening date on their doors/websites/press/etc… when there is no way they can hit the date.

Also, Nick Melvin, who many know from his time at Parish in Inman Park, is set to run the kitchen.  We’ll see how that shapes up.  To date, I have yet to find Melvin’s food worthy of any real praise.

Other than that, the bocce ball court seems all but finished, there’ll be a coffee bar, and the rest is brew-haha and he said/she said.

Empire State South Restaurant Address & Information

999 Peachtree St NE, Atlanta, GA 30309 // Empire State website

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