Dynamic Dave Sweeney [Videos]

Double Dragon NintendoGrowing up, the initials DD evoked memories of the Lee brother’s going all thug life with a set of baseball bats and a little bit of dynamite.  Yes, Double Dragon taught me how to whoop ass and take names … all in the name of love (cue: Marian).

However, times change and people learn [Like how scoring chicks has nothing to do with how many pixelated bad dudes you can pound]. Nowadays, as a not so fledgling adult, the initials DD evoke dreams of aromatic fresh veggies against a backdrop of plate assembled art.  We have David Sweeney to thank for that.

The chef/owner of Edgewood’s Dynamic Dish is easily the best argument this city has for the vegetarian diet.  Time after time I’ve headed Downtown with the staunchest of meatatarians, only to find them sufficiently satiated by Sweeney’s daily expression.  About a month ago, Proper Medium dropped in on Sweeney to get an idea of what goes on in his recently expanded establishment.

Truth be told, Sweeney will dip into the chicken coup every now and then … so if you absolutely refuse to eat vegetarian, just be patient and you’ll find some meat on the menu.  Anywho, enjoy!

[via Gina Hopkins FB]

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