Soto New York [Out of Town]

Like every other Atlanta foodie, a short while back I dropped in the food Mecca that is New York.  It was an ungodly trip of lusty, slutty, completely inappropriate foodie indulgence and I’m just now getting my thoughts organized and my photos online.  I’ve long talked of my man love for Sotohiro Kosugi.  The guy artist super hero is now up to two Michelin Stars.  I think eating at Soto every time you (or me for that matter) hit NYC would be a good thing.  For space’s sake, I was not able to include all the pictures; however, you can find the full Soto New York picture set on Flickr.  Without further adieu, Soto Sushi in in pictures #Amazing #BeJealous #LetsGetItOn

goma tofu at soto

Goma tofu – black sesame and white sesame tofu with wasabi soy sauce and soy foam

broiled lobster with mango & portabella at soto

Lightly broiled Maine live lobster with mango and portabella mushroom served under panko crumbs joined by slivers of portabella and mango (pictured here)

scallop shiso and fluke agedashi at soto

Scallop shiso and fluke agedashi – deep fried shiso wrapped scallop and Long Island fluke served in dashi broth

fluke ponzu at soto

fluke ponzu: thinly sliced fluke with chive, ginger shoots and shiso leaf served under mizore ponzu sauce

sake nigiri at soto

Sake nigiri – assembled piece of salmon nigiri with chef’s soy sauce

soft shell crab at soto

Crispy deep fried early seasons live soft shell crab, served with ponzu sauce

niguri sampler at soto

Nigiri sampler

strawberry mochi ice cream at soto

Strawberry mochi ice cream

Soto Japanese Restaurant Address & Information

357 Ave Of The Americas New York, NY 10014 // 212.414.3088

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