Music Midtown And The Great Wedding Caper [Off Topic]

If you don’t mind, I’d like to take a moment to step away from our regularly scheduled program. 

Yesterday, Music Midtown officially announced that it was reinventing itself.  That news was met with a great deal of excitement … except amongst one Atlanta couple.  You see, the date for the upcoming music festival is September 24th, 2011 and the location is set for Piedmont Park.  Trouble is, that aforementioned couple had scheduled their Wedding that day.  Understandably frustrated, they took to facebook and setup a page appropriately entitled Music Midtown Ruined My Wedding.

The not so happy couple shared the details of their dilemma on said page:

Our wedding was originally scheduled for September 24th, 2011 at Greystone at Piedmont Park. After the deposit was paid, caterers were hired, DJ’s were booked, and Save the Dates went out, we were informed that there was a "probable live music concert in Piedmont Park, which may occur on [our] wedding date." The city apparently planned this "probable" music concert without first informing the Piedmont Park Conservancy. At 12:00 on July 6th, it was announced that Music Midtown was returning to Atlanta, on September 24th, 2011, at Piedmont Park, just in time to ruin our planned nuptials. It’s too late to book another location for that date at a reasonable price. How can we change the date this far in advance? This is an absolute calamity brought upon by a music festival that Atlantans thought was long gone. Thanks a lot Music Midtown. You ruined my wedding.

Despite being alerted to this snafu in several places, Midtown Music has remained silent.  Now, I’m sure this could spurn a huge debate (the least of which being that I am friends with the couple, hence this post), but let me offer a little perspective on some important points.

a) Music Midtown was quick to post a facebook page and establish a twitter account.  Companies are so quick to utilize engagement tools but then don’t utilize them properly.  I’m sorry – but if you’re going to get on twitter and ignore your followers (or anyone who mentions you for that matter), you’re not doing things properly.

b) And more on point … The vowees (or whatever you call people ready to take vows) are reasonable people.  Though I haven’t specifically asked them, my guess is that they aren’t expecting a music festival to relocate on behalf of them.  Bad things happen and there is always collateral damage.  However, what they are looking for is some help.  So far, the performance of Music Midtown has been a resounding flop on this front.

So while we all cross our fingers and hope that “the right thing” is done without much public pressure, I would love it if y’all would make sure that Music Midtown hears about this via @MusicMidtown and Music Midtown on Facebook.  Oh, and in case you didn’t already, you can also go give the Music Midtown Ruined My Wedding page a like.

And now off of my soap box and back to our regularly scheduled programming!

NOTE: I do have a comment policy and I have just had to delete a comment.  If you happen to have some access to information relevant to this situation and you want to comment on it … signing in as won’t cut it.  Carry on!

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