Redaction Action

I’m channeling my inner School House Rock love child with this one.  As the best laid schemes of mice and men go oft awry, so too did my plan to have nice juicy review this AM for all your desires of consumption.  Something about arriving home at 6AM isn’t conducive to highly detailed activities … so that review is due out at 8:30 tonight (as opposed to 8:30am).  I may push it ‘til a future date … we shall see.

Of more importance, is the title of this article.  A few days back, I posted on some rumors that were floating around.  One of them was with regards to the currently shuttered Watershed.  If you check out that post, you’ll see a lot of redactions based on information that was published elsewhere.  Well, it turns out more redactions are in order (as in: I can probably un-redact some stuff).

As it stands now, it appears that others are disputing Tomorrow’s News Today’s report that Watershed has signed a new lease.  I dunno exactly what’s what at this current moment and we’ll see how this shakes out.  TNT published that as a confirmed report as opposed to just a rumor and has not posted any follow up.

People love to give me shit about my rumor posting even though I choose my words carefully and often it’s people’s inability to read what’s actually on a page in front of them that creates the problems.  Well that, and I guess they are pissed when I post something that just so happens to be 100% accurate months before they do.  Shrug again.

Until we meet again my lovers, my haters, and everyone in between!

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