The Great Food Truck Race: Season 2 Premiers Tonight [RoamingATL]


Tonight (aka August 14th), the Food Network is set to debut season two of The Great Food Truck Race (10/9c on Sundays).  The street food/food truck themed television show rolled through cities across the country just a few short months ago.  After hours in the editing booth, it appears the competition is ready for public consumption.

Hosted by Tyler Florence, the show pits multiple food trucks from all over the country in a part race/part sales competition during which various wrenches are thrown at the competitors.

The internet’s best food truck tracking website Roaming Hunger was of course out in full-force during the show’s trek through the city of Atlanta, and admittedly late in the game stop for the contestants.  In case you missed it (or just want to reward me with some extra page views), we managed to both SPOILER LINK breakdown the trucks that showed up and what happened as well as provide you with BIG SPOILER LINK a detailed display of the food.  Anyway, more details on the competitors, as well as the TV trailer … after the jump!

The Competition

So last year, there were seven trucks and a $50,000 reward.  This year, the reward is 2x that and an 8th truck was added.  Each stage of the competition (for the most part) takes place over a a day or two in a different city.  In each city (a city an episode as it happens to be), there is the predictable immunity/advantage challenge as well as the necessary elimination challenge.

Aside from the slightly spoiled information that one of the stops was Atlanta, we’ll leave you to your own devices should you choose to really dig deep into what happened and where the trucks went.  Those spoiler posts above do have a good bit, but we made sure not to talk about what happened in any of the other cities.  The TV show’s website does have a good bit of data on it should you choose to start with a more restrictive news source, although – some of the season one info is still permeating their pixels at the time of this writing.  Anyway, here’s a very non-spoiler friendly list of the competitors.  Check it out, and then go hit the TV and dvr later on this evening!

The Competitors

Café Con Leche (Roaming Hunger Profile / @CubanCafeMobile) – Los Angeles
Cuban cuisine including coffee, sandwiches and desserts. Catchphrase "Fuacata!" is repeated quite a bit.

Devilicious (Roaming Hunger Profile / @DeviliciousFood) San Diego
Comfort food with a twist.  BLT with extra bacon and lobster grilled cheese are often served up.

Hodge Podge (Roaming Hunger Profile / @HodgePodgeTruck) Cleveland
A potpourri food truck doing an a lot of things.  Put out by chef Chris Hodgson who has an Asian food truck as well.

Korilla BBQ (Roaming Hunger Profile / @KorillaBBQ) New York City
Korean tacos and the like. What’s more to say?

The Lime Truck (Roaming Hunger Profile / @TheLimeTruck) Orange County w. Atlanta ties
California beach cuisine is the name of the game, thanks to chef and former ATLien Jason Quinn.

Roxy’s Grilled Cheese (Roaming Hunger Profile / @RoxysGrilledChz) Boston
Chef James DeSabatino put this gourmet grilled cheese on the streets of Boston in March.  Essentially, this thing came about b/c of the show (to paraphrase a great deal).

Seabirds (Roaming Hunger Profile / @SeabirdsTruck) Orange County
Vegan health food – aka – no animals were killed, harmed, borrowed from, or used in the making of their food

Sky’s Gourmet Tacos (Roaming Hunger Profile / @SkysTacos)
Perhaps best described as a taco truck putting pretty much whatever it can in some tortillas.

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