Grow! Trailer [Food Films]

I like movies, so much so that I call them films.  I’ve made a few (college shorts here people – not Citizen Kane), helped out on a few (Luke Skywalker did leave his pants in my car once), and watched more than my share (I think Best In Show is on an endless loop).  But documentaries comprise a significant portion of my film watching efforts and of those, food films are of high priority.

So this leads us to Grow!, a documentary put out by Anthony Masterson that focuses on young farmers.  Youth movements get attention, and seeing as farmers are old (avg. of 57 according to Grow!), this seems like a logical exploration of farming in this day of youthful uprising.  The film, as it just so happens, has strong ties to Atlanta. 

One note of interest: I want to bash the editor’s head into a loud-speaker for a couple of reasons.  First is the annoying yelp that comes in around 15s (just turn down your speakers and you should be fine) and second is the fact that he liberally uses the Rome International Film Festival without making sure people realize we’re talking about Rome, GA and not the other one.  Of course, pacifism doesn’t exactly allow that – so maybe I’ll just look into having his MPEG guild card removed!  I’ve got some definite opinions based on some of the sound bytes from the trailer, but I’ll keep those to myself for now as I have not seen the film.

The runtime on the film is just about 50 minutes, which is incredibly short as feature films go but not unheard of for documentaries.  In the meantime, there is a good bit of information on the Grow! website and you can find out where it’s playing on their screenings page.  It has been and will continue to be screened around our city.  I do hope to get to one of the screenings!

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