Serious Eats Gets Serious About Atlanta’s Burger Scene

burger w homemade pickles

A Hamburger Today is the “all things burger” outlet for Serious Eats, a big time food blog most everyone into food should read.  Atlanta is fairly well represented on the blog thanks in part to Todd Brock, a local ATLien who moonlights as a foodie.

A few weeks back, Brock wrote about his stuffed burger at The Nook.  He didn’t enjoy it.  However, he did take time to make note of Battle of the Burgers, a charitable food festival dedicated to gluttonous glory by way of the burger.  I was one of the inaugural judges; however, I’m on vacation right now and I won’t be back in time to reprise my role. While you wait on me to give the event its proper write up, you should visit the BotB website and get yourself ready to attend.  The event is scheduled for October 1st, 2011.

Soon after The Nook post, Brock paid a visit to Houlihan’s, that slowly dying food chain.  Then, just as we wiped the juices from our grubby hands, Brock hit us yesterday with an opus to the Bocado burger.  It’s a double stack delight that I adore even though I have less than stellar things to say about the rest of the food/service/etc.  On the way out the door, Brock mentions the similarities between the Bocado burger and the Holeman + Finch burger.  It’s a comparison chef Todd Ginsberg will continue to hear even if he refuses to acknowledges his rendition’s eerie similarities to that late night treat.

Bocado wisely employs the H+F bun and perhaps even the pickles.  Even if it is a near copy … it’s a damn fine piece of meat.  Big ups to Bocado for making this thing available all hours too.  Personal feelings aside, if you are hankering for a double patty burger during regular eating hours … Bocado is your best bet in Atlanta.

[that delicious looking bite above is in fact the Bocado burger and comes courtesy of]

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