Your Awww That’s So Sweet Thanksgiving Moment

cute catSweet Thanksgiving moments have been marginalized by media entanglements and free market politics.  So it’s extremely compelling to find moments of thanks derived from type of honesty you find in young children.

A very lovely lady just emailed me this and it just so happens to she had one of those moments for me.  It needs to be disseminated.

I will be making Thanksgiving this year. My mom said absolutely no turkey. I said… but- !! She said … no one eats turkey and enjoys it…. * sad face with tears welling …I look up and say… I do… it reminds me of my childhood 🙁

When read something that just makes you stop, when you see a child’s honesty in a statement of truth, when you watch a mother’s warmth emerge out of a daughter, AND when that quote happens to be about food … well … you just have something special.  That my friends, will make my Thanksgiving, truly awesome.

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