The Four Coursemen Back On The Tube

It’s been over a year since I visited The Four Coursemen supper club in Athens, but I remember it like it happened yesterday.  The group actually includes a swat team of chefs (Damien Schaefer, Eddie Russell, Matt Palmerlee, Patrick Stubbers, Randolph Dudley, and sommelier Nancy Lind to be exact) and they’ve done so well for themselves that they managed to score a Cooking Channel special that aired some time ago.

The episode was obviously well received as word has just hit the interwebs that a new “The Four Coursemen Adventure” is set to premier early after the new year.  It drops Sunday, January 8th at 8pm ET on The Cooking Channel, so set your DVRs or make it a point to watch it live.

If all of this is stranger than fiction to you – might I suggest that you do a little reading (and looking) over on T4C’s website or look for them via @FourCoursemen or on their facebook page.  Even if you’re not willing to drive to Athens just to check them out (I suggest you make that sacrifice), keep an ear to the ground because they do travel from time to time.  They’ve in fact done a few dinners in Atlanta proper.

[source & pic via T4C Facebook]

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