The Popinator: The Automatic Popcorn Delivery System

In today’s edition of “excessively overblown use of technology to deliver a product nobody really actually needs” (otherwise known as #WTF), a company by the name of Popcorn Indiana gives us The Popinator.  Apparently, this popcorn popper not only cooks your corn kernels, it also fires them in your general exact location using all sorts of fancy, smart person’s technology.

If one ignores rational thought regarding constructive use of time, then there is absolutely no reason to doubt that this is actually real.  That said, it appears to be nothing more than a functional proof of concept.  Thus, it’s not for sale.  Which is shocking, b/c who isn’t interested in having their face assaulted by flying popcorn kernels.  I wonder how it does with butter …


[PI via Reddit]

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