Holeman & Finch Braves Burger Gets A Ticket Package


So it’s been about a month since Southern Living told us that the Atlanta Braves were adding a Holeman & Finch burger stand at Turner Field.  Turns out, there’s a little bit more to the story.

Here a few neat little details:

a) There are three stands serving up the double stack patties, not one!

b) There are a limited number burgers available each game.  That’s not surprising given the fact that 24 are made each night when the burgers go live at 10pm back at the gastro pub.  However, the Braves has released a HF Burger Ticket Package.  Available on Braves.com, there are 24 of these tickets available each game.  Basically, you get a seat in the pavilion and are guaranteed a burger.  If you haven’t had it before … the H+F burger is a double patty cheese burger served with three house-made treats: ketchup, mustard, and pickles.  Also, it’s served on a pan de mie bun from their bakery. The cost for the package is $32.  Yes, H+F will send an employee to each home game to monitor quality control.

c) If you don’t buy a burger ticket (which is special b/c it looks different than the other Braves tickets also commemorative), you can still snag one at any of those dedicated stands.  What’s bad ass is that the burgers are $10, aka the same price as they are at H+F’s mother ship.  That’s a far cry from the ludicrously priced steak sandwich Kevin Rathbun serves at the game.  That alternative gourmet option is something crazy like $24.  [I don’t remember the exact price]

Anyway, just thought it was worth a mention … if you missed the link to buy tickets that’s earlier in the post, here it is again!

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