Calling All Teen Cooks: The Art Institutes Best Teen Chef Competition

Parents … you’ve spent years taking care of your children.  You’ve reared them, fed them, bathed them, clipped them, and done just about everything you can for them.  Well, now is the time for payback.  … Read more →

Tryouts For The Next Food Network Star Hitting Atlanta

Got a vivacious personality?  Love food? Want to be a TV star?  If the answer to those questions is yes; then here is your chance to be the next Guy Fieri.  Food Network’s “The Next … Read more →

Dirty South Wine Goes Top 10

Congratulations to the one, the only Hardy Wallace.  Hardy, the sommelier over at Dirty South Wine, recently entered the Murphy-Goode Winery dream job.  The competition has been fierce, and after laying the smack down on … Read more →

Sad: All You Can Eat Pancakes Contest Turns Deadly

Bois Isayev, a 48-year-old Russian, died after eating 43 pancakes during a contest.  What’s worse: he passed while onstage as attempts to revive him failed.  Details are sparse but available over on the UPI website. … Read more →

Thank You: Two Months And Counting – Prize Inside!!!!

Hi Everyone – so yesterday, hit two months!  I know, it’s still early in our relationship; and, we don’t know if we’re ready to take this to the next level or not.  Celebrating two … Read more →

The Worlds First Documented Meatatarian Laughs In The Face of The AHA

The bacon craze is just completely out of hand.  I thought the “Bacon Explosion” [which I regrettably link to: linky] would be as ridiculous as it could get.  Well, what do I know? Apparently, Mike … Read more →