Thank You: Two Months And Counting – Prize Inside!!!!

Hi Everyone – so yesterday, hit two months!  I know, it’s still early in our relationship; and, we don’t know if we’re ready to take this to the next level or not.  Celebrating two months is a little strange if you ask me, but I really do just want to say thanks!

We like where things are headed (don’t we???).  If we’re going to take things to the next level, I suppose we need to share some more about ourselves (plus – you should keep reading for that nice little treat!).  So here is some more about me and a little bit of thanks to everyone.

So what do you want to know? I am, a hair shy of 30, a single dude, and a self-described technology entrepreneur (for my 9-5).  I learned to cook from my grandfather, who was a restaurateur up in New England.  I have since been inspired by some of the great chefs and cooks that I have had the pleasure of meeting during my life.

A number of them, including some great ones around here, have been kind enough to educate me and teach me more about the culinary arts.  I’m not formally trained and I have no interest in being a professional cook or restaurant employee of any type (though my buddies and I did ponder a restaurant about 5 years ago).

I do love to cook and try to do so as much as possible.  I love diversity in every aspect and my palate reflects that.  However, I greatly admire Stewie Griffin!

While I’d like to think that I’m a pretty friendly guy – I think it’s important to be honest when writing about my various endeavors.  I try not to be mean, but to give people an unbiased interpretation about my experiences.  I’m fairly blunt … but hey – that’s just how I am.

Okay, so enough about that – let’s get to the goods.

I have been quite flattered by the amount of traffic this thing has gotten.  Over the last few days – it’s been around 400 visitors a day.  Not the biggest number in the world, but for a fun little side project – that shocks the hell out of me.  So for all the dedicated readers, new readers, and people who just flat out hate me (they are out there)… here’s the “potential” reward.

The Giveaway

Contest Details: So here’s the deal … I really do appreciate people taking the time to read what I write.  So in the spirit of “let’s get to know each other better,” I want some feedback!  You can write your own review, critique one of mine, share some story about a time you dined out, something about your favorite food … etc… etc… etc…  Just make it food related.  Take it and make it your own! 

How to participate: The best way to participate is in the comments section.  However, you don’t need to provide your real name or anything like that, just a real way for me to get in touch with you.  If you want to write a lengthy review or critique of mine, you are welcome to email it to me and I’ll be glad to make it a guest post here (regardless of whether or not you win).  Post as many times as you want, or as few times as you want.  Just make sure that anything you want considered leads off with the word “ENTRY” in all caps.

Deadline and such: So next Friday (that’s the 20th of February), I’m taking for the Ellijay Chili Cook off at my buddies place in Ellijay.  I will cut the participation sometime on Friday and spend the weekend considering the winner.  When I get back, everyone will find out.

Contest Rules: Few and far between … tell me off if you want – you never know – boldness might just take this thing home (just keep it quasi-clean). Length is totally up to you.  The only real rule is that if you are member of the media, please don’t sign up.

What You Get: Whoever (or is it whomever) wins gets either a $20.00 gift certificate to the Atlanta restaurant of their choice or a 1-year subscription to Food & Wine, Bon Appétit, or Saveur.

Okay, so that’s it… I’ll notify the winner privately and we can go from there.  In that spirit … THANKS SO MUCH and get thinking!

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