How To Serve Ice Cream Like A Boss

Just some dudes at a Cold Stone Creamery in Dubai mixing and tricking out the ice cream. [youtube=!?rel=0] [via reddit]

Sublime Doughnuts Meets Ice Cream Parlor

I wait for the day when Sublime Doughnuts starts getting lines out the door like it deserves.  In the meantime, I can resign myself comfortably to the fact that I am able to navigate the … Read more →

Rusto’s Pizza Restaurant Review: Shilled, Shamed, & Just Plain Bad – Cheshire Bridge, Atlanta, GA [First Impressions]

When I first walked into Rusto’s Pizza on Cheshire Bridge, I had an inkling of hope that Atlanta was about to have yet another respectable pizzeria to deal with.  By the time I walked out … Read more →

Morelli’s Ice Cream In East Atlanta: Get Your Kiss On [Quick Hits]

Sorry for the dearth of posts lately.  I had family in from out of town; thus, my free time was pretty much usurped the past five days.  Luckily, we got in a couple of noteworthy … Read more →

Eating Out Of A Toilet Bowl: Not As Bad As You Think [Laugh Of The Day]

At the Merton Restaurant in Taiwan, the theme is … well … uh … different: I’m pretty sure the furniture is just decorative and not functional. Technorati Tags: funny,youtube,toilets,ice cream