Sublime Doughnuts Meets Ice Cream Parlor

sublime doughnuts ice cream

I wait for the day when Sublime Doughnuts starts getting lines out the door like it deserves.  In the meantime, I can resign myself comfortably to the fact that I am able to navigate the doughnut list at my leisure without fear of being rushed.  While I was in there a few days back, I was excited to see they had added a little ice cream to their selections. 

All of the ice cream is made on onsite by owner Kamal Grant and his band of merry crack dessert dealers.  A scoop runs $2.25 (each scoop after that is just $1).  I tasted a couple of them and thought there was some real potential.  It wasn’t enough to really convey any great truths about what each flavor held, though the ice cream seemed a really dense … I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.  I have the ice cream IQ of a dufus.  The best thing, and something I’m sure to check out sooner than later, are their ice ream doughwiches (as I’m calling them).  To make them, Kamal uses one of the “shells” from his varied stuffed doughnuts and replaces the filling with ice cream.  He has a couple of concoctions but it appears you can customize your ice cream and doughnut combo.  They clock in at $3.50 (if memory serves me correctly).

* lame phone picture – so apologies – the ice cream does look much better in person.

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