Attack Of The Killer Tomato Festival: Episode 3 -Return Of The Tomatoes [Recap]

In the case of most trilogies, the third edition of a Hollywood picture series is often the weakest [See: Return of the Jedi].  Fortunately for foodies, festivals are not subject to that rule of thumb.  … Read more →

Atlanta Beverage Guide [Beer, Cocktails, & Wine]

Thanks in large part to establishments like Holeman & Finch (and by extension H&F Bottle Shop),  Leon’s Full Service, and Perrine’s Wine Shop, Atlanta’s beer community, cocktail culture, and wine enthusiasm is alive, well, and … Read more →

Pic’n’Mix Fetches £14,500 … Puts The First Beer From Leon’s Full Service To Shame

As many people know [because of this blog … right??? :-)], Leon’s Full Service in Decatur auctioned off the first pint served at the restaurant.  The charitable event raised $2,650!  That is impressive. However, recent … Read more →

First Impressions: Leon’s Full Service Restaurant Review – Decatur, GA

Even before the kitchen opened to the public, Leon’s Full Service endeared itself to the Decatur dining scene.  The new pub, operated by the same people who run The Brick Store (internal), decided to assist … Read more →