Forks Over Knives Documentary Coming To Atlanta [Film]

  In what is sure to raise a few eyebrows and ruffle a few feathers, a new documentary by the name of Forks Over Knives is set to hit the big screen.  In the vein … Read more →

Watch Robert Kenner; Attend Food, Inc. Mixer With Rogue Apron; Then Make Some Changes

Originally, I was simply going to make this a “follow up” post on Food, Inc., that recently released food-centric documentary.  However, director Robert Kenner recently showed up on the Daily Show and  word has spread … Read more →

Food, Inc. Hits The Dirty South [Film]

Riding the craze that “mass produced food is by default … evil,” a new film has gotten the attention of movie buffs and foodies alike.  Knee deep in both camps, I’ve been following this film … Read more →

Après Diem Restaurant Review – Midtown Atlanta, GA

Overall:[rating:1] For an extended period of time, visitors to the Après Diem website were treated to one of those nasty Go Daddy landing pages.  On a whim, I decided to re-visit the page.  To my … Read more →