Watch Robert Kenner; Attend Food, Inc. Mixer With Rogue Apron; Then Make Some Changes

Originally, I was simply going to make this a “follow up” post on Food, Inc., that recently released food-centric documentary.  However, director Robert Kenner recently showed up on the Daily Show and  word has spread about a neat little event going on right here in Atlanta, Georgia.  So before I get going with the drivel, let’s ramp up a bit and talk about the film that has everyone talking about sustainable food and sustainable farming .

First, Mr. Kenner:

Then, head over to the Midtown Art Cinema on Thursday, July 9th.  There is a special viewing of Food, Inc.  The film itself starts at 7:10pm; but, there is a catch.  Starting at 6:30, you can show up and grab some beer (provided by 5 Seasons Brewing Company), meet some people, and win some door prizes.  The event is sponsored by the aforementioned RogueApron, as well as Georgia Organics and Slow Food Atlanta.  You can get all the details you need here and your tickets here.

Finally, make some changes.  Now that you’ve seen Food, Inc. (which is a pretty tough watch), you need to know where to go for food.  So let’s talk [organic] turkey!

To find out where you can get organic goods, the Eat Well Guide is a good place to start.  I can’t link you directly to the search results; however, it’s pretty easy to find places near you.  Just visit their website and use the search function to figure out what’s near you.  They list everything from bakers to caterers and restaurants … so get cracking.

Next, if you decide you want to get a hold of some pastured products, look no further than EatWild’s website.  If reading ain’t your thing – perhaps this pretty map will help you. That is a visual list of farms around and near the state of Georgia that produce food that plays nice with the theme of Food, Inc.

All in, the movie is well done, alarming, informative, and somewhat propagandist.  The dismissive nature might leave you with a bad taste; however, it’s a necessary message and one that I hope you take to heart.  Oh, and btw folk – please don’t be that guy (or gal) who goes to Food, Inc. armed with a large popcorn topped with butter substitute while slurping a coke!  There’s just something wrong about that (and yet everyone with me in the theater during my visit had one).  Oh yeah, bottled water ain’t much better!  Okay … onwards and upwards my little foodies.

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