Death By Hot Dog: A Trend Ends Before It Begins [Laugh of the Day]

 Hot dogs have long been an important part of America’s food culture.  Like the burger, they seem ripe for a rebirth as America’s next food trend.  That was of course, until Asif Mandvi, the hard … Read more →

Donald Trump’s Guide To Pizza [Laugh of the Day]

Recently, during her visit to New York, The Donald was kind enough to give former Vice Presidential candidate Tina Fey [click the link] an insiders guide to all things pizza.  Thankfully, he took Madame Vice … Read more →

Watch Robert Kenner; Attend Food, Inc. Mixer With Rogue Apron; Then Make Some Changes

Originally, I was simply going to make this a “follow up” post on Food, Inc., that recently released food-centric documentary.  However, director Robert Kenner recently showed up on the Daily Show and  word has spread … Read more →

Nature Wants To Kill Me: It’s Michelle Obama And Her Damn Organic Garden’s Fault [Laugh Of The Day]

So says Farmer Sam (warning – NSFW): Technorati Tags: videos,samantha bee,the daily show,organic,michelle obama