Yeah! Burger Restaurant Review – Westside, Atlanta, GA [First Impressions]

Well Atlanta, are you looking for another burger joint? [Insert Rhetorical Answer], because it turns out the heavens have opened and one Shaun Doty has stepped down with his excitement imploring Yeah! Burger.  Planted firmly … Read more →

YEAH! Burger: Shaun Doty’s Upcoming Burger Joint Has A Name [Openings]

Back in November, I mentioned that Shaun Doty and Erik Maier were set to open a burger joint over in the Westside.  At the time, the tentative name for the establishment was Good Burger.  However, … Read more →

Shaun Doty’s Meal At The James Beard House

Late last December, I ran a little post on then upcoming meal at the James Beard House.  Atlanta chef/restaurateur Shaun Doty was scheduled to be the guest chef for one of the JBH’s special dinners.  … Read more →

Shaun’s Southern Charm: Atlanta’s Shaun Doty To Cook At James Beard House Dinner

More cool news for the Dirty.  Recent ITCK participant Shaun Doty is headed to NYC in early February.  While there, he’ll cook dinner at the James Beard House.  In addition to handing out the James … Read more →

Chef Shaun Doty Of Shaun’s: Inside The Chef’s Kitchen #7

Chef Shaun Doty has long been at the forefront of the Atlanta dining scene.  For the past three-years, he has been the man behind Shaun’s Social Club.  Before that, he headed up things at establishments … Read more →

Shaun Doty To Open Good Burger In The Westside [Openings]

It’s amazing what you miss with a few days out of town.  Posted over on the Biz C site, and reiterated by the venerable JK, Atlanta’s own Shaun Doty is ready to hop on the … Read more →

New Mixologist To Debut Tonight At Shaun’s

Mixoligist is to bartender as chef is to cook.  At least, that’s how I define mixology.  Mixology is one of those buzz terms that is quite the rage nowadays.  Brian Stanger has taken over the … Read more →