Shaun Doty To Open Good Burger In The Westside [Openings]


It’s amazing what you miss with a few days out of town.  Posted over on the Biz C site, and reiterated by the venerable JK, Atlanta’s own Shaun Doty is ready to hop on the burger trend that is frankly … a little tired by now.  That’s not a harshing on Shaun, he should give the people what they want.  Rather, it’s just a lament on the trending of the restaurant business.

Anywho, with help from Erik Maier, the duo is scheduled to open their burger joint over in the Westside’s White Provision complex.  However, here are a few pieces of info that haven’t been printed yet.  First, the establishment is RUMORED to be called Good Burger.  Second, my understanding is that they will take over the space occupied by The West Egg.  Fear not my eggheadian friends, TWE is supposed to move into the new high-rise just behind their current location.  Again, I won’t say that’s an absolute fact … but I’ve heard it from more than a few people.  Just another feather in the hat that is Atlanta’s most trending neighborhood.

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