Richard Blais Offering Up Boutique Tastings … Details Inside

This may be the type of thing that is already passé by the time you see this.  Heck, this may be done before I finish getting this post up.  According to his facebook status, Richard … Read more →

Taste The World Festival By The Refugee Family Services At Callanwolde Fine Arts Center

Yikes! This puppy has been sitting in my draft box since the 15th of February … talk about dropping the ball!  Okay, so Refugee Family Services has organized a little culinary exploration for everyone.  On … Read more →

Get Your Kozachok On: Caviar & Vodka Tasting At The Shed

So I went to make a reservation for dinner tonight at The Shed – guess what I saw?  Details on one hell of a caviar tasting! $20 bucks…some caviar…and some vodka.  You can’t beat that! … Read more →

Two Taste Of Celebrations During February: Taste of Dunwoody and Taste of Athens

Kick off the month of February with the Taste of Dunwoody on Friday, February 6, 2009.  The event will be held at the W Hotel at the Perimeter.  Twenty-five local restaurants will be there and … Read more →