Yes, The Wendy’s Grand Slam Does Exist (And Partial Nudity Makes Food Easier To Eat) [Laugh Of The Day]

A few days ago, I was reminded how great Big Mac Sauce is.  Last night, Adam Biderman was kind enough to direct me to another fast food treat … the Wendy’s Grand Slam.  The minimum requirement for this mythic piece of heart attack is the four beef-substitute patties.  Beyond that, everything is just a blur.

Anywho, some dude took the time to film himself eating one of these massive mounds of ground round.  Though I would have preferred he left his clothes on, and something about the guys affect, when combined with the sound of him eating, just cuts my nerves like fingernails to a chalkboard, it’s an interesting watch

Speaking of Biderman: For those of you who didn’t hear, Adam kicked H+F and we Terminites to the curb some months ago.  To complete the dagger to the chest, he packed up his knife kit and headed back to the Big Easy, his place of origin.  Though the departures of Sotohiro Kosugi, Guenter Seeger, and Michael Tuohy get a lot more attention, Biderman’s adieu was no less frustrating.  While the other three went straight for the bling, Biderman’s cooking was always approachable and accessible while providing your taste buds with an ample challenge.  These days, you can catch him at Herbsaint (website), where he has just moved to the lunch shift.  So next time any of ya’ll head that way – go give Adam some Suth’un love.

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