How To Order From Sonic Like A Boss

Perhaps the best fast food drive-through song anyone has ever performed.  Thanks Sonic … your cheesiness is delicious. [youtube=] [via reddit]

Braille Burgers At Wimpy [Ideas In Awesome]

For some unexplained reason, blindness and food have popped up a couple of times in my life over the past few weeks.  It started when I happened upon a couple of blind foodies who romp … Read more →

Late Night Fast Food Runs: A Dangerous Proposition

While perusing my community message board this past morning, I stumbled across this particular exchange.  Is it something y’all are dying to read?  Probably not – in fact, this may be a complete and total … Read more →

Make Your McRib Fancy

image courtesy of McDonald’s decision to bring back the McRib has absolutely inundated food news over the past few days.  Even mainstream media lamed things up with their coverage and there has been a … Read more →

Petition To Save The Varsity Jr. [Dead Pool]

After 45-years at the intersection of Lindbergh and Cheshire Bridge, The Varsity Jr. is sailing off into the sunset.  One of six outposts of the institution, the original plan was to rebuild the family-owned location. … Read more →

Capt. Shrimp Seafood House Restaurant Review – Fort Lauderdale, FL [Out Of Town]

The drive up the Eastern seaboard of the United States is daunting to say the least.  Considering the trek from Miami to Atlanta, there is just something wrong about the idea of driving for 12-hours … Read more →

Taco Bell Owner Glen Bell Dies; Makes One Last Run For The Border

The man who gave every college student hope for a better day finally bid adieu this past Sunday.  Though he hasn’t owned Taco Bell is some time, we all owe a gratitude of debt to … Read more →

Legos + McDonald’s: Every Thing Tastes Better In Plastic

I’ve expressed my love for LEGOS before.  I’ve also made no bones about my appreciation for rapidly prepared and delivered morsels of cow parts, pig parts, and “other” parts [See: fast food].  So now we … Read more →

Burger … Meet Windows 7: Technology And Burger King Come Together In A Most Heinous Way [Laugh Of The Day]

Well … hell may hath frozen over with this one.  This week has been very big to the technology community as Microsoft has released their highly anticipated OS, dubbed Windows 7.  Burger King decided to … Read more →

Yes, The Wendy’s Grand Slam Does Exist (And Partial Nudity Makes Food Easier To Eat) [Laugh Of The Day]

A few days ago, I was reminded how great Big Mac Sauce is.  Last night, Adam Biderman was kind enough to direct me to another fast food treat … the Wendy’s Grand Slam.  The minimum … Read more →