How To Get Free Music [Late Night Treats]

Those that read this know I’m just a techie moonlighting as a foodie.  Knowing how to download music for free, especially MP3’s, is a hot topic in the technology world these days.  So while I like to keep things here focused on food, I can’t help but venture outside my plate a little.  After mentioning this tip via twitter, my inbox just blew up … so I’m going to save myself the trouble and show everyone how to do this … COUGH COUGH … completely legal and legitimate activity.  I’m not in any way telling you what is or is not legal, only what is possible.

For those of you on Firefox or Chrome, you just need to create a bookmarklet (explained on wiki).  If you’re still using Internet Explorer, ditch it and ditch it now (okay, I lied, this will still work, but get away from IE anyway).  All you need to do is click on the link that follows and drag it to the bookmark bar: Music Download

As I know my site isn’t geared toward the techies out there, if dragging this to your bookmark bar is confusing, do not be deterred.  If you use chrome, here’s a video for you.  If you use Firefox, here’s another one.  Note about those videos, all you need to do is the first part of it where you see the link being dragged.

Last but not least, I did not write this – I don’t remember where I saw it … hit me up if you know where I did.

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